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oh hey.

August 1, 2009

oh yeah, i forgot to mention that i met la roux. yeah, we’re totally bff’s now. (just kidding, but i really did meet her).

living proof:



oh, what fun.

July 31, 2009

Don’t you just love new music? I know I do. Here are some good finds I’ve found since I’ve last blogged.

Mini VivaLeft My Heart In Tokyo

I am obsessed with this song and this video (especially Britt with the VV Brown hair). Britt and Frankee are their names, another project from Xenomania, the production team that are behind the success of the great Girls Aloud. This video reminds me of the Spice Girls’ video, 2 Become 1. Most likely due to the fast-paced filming of the urban scenery. Britt also reminds me of Lovefoxxx from CSS. Just sayin’.


“Haven’t I seen you somewhere before? You look familiar. You wanna dance? Yeah? I guess I just don’t recognize you with your clothes on.”

Incredible, no? I have to say, I was not a big fan of ‘Hard Candy’, mostly because of my dislike 4 Minutes, but this is genius. ‘Confessions’ is easily her best album since, well, forever and I think this could have been a B-Side to that album.

Dan BlackAlone

This album is amazing. I would recommend it to anyone. Dan Black is definitely one to watch out for. Too bad talent like this isn’t exposed enough here in the states. His videos are really creative and this stop-motion video for Alone is defintely my favourite.

Alright, so these are just some of the music I’ve come across in the past few weeks. Check out my profile (link is on the right of the page) to see what I’ve been listening to lately.



Girls Aloud

June 1, 2009

I have a problem, and I am not afraid to admit it. I have an addiction. To this:


Clockwise from left: Nicola; Cheryl; Kimberley; Nadine; Sarah.

These are the women of Girls Aloud. In my opinion, they are the hottest girl group I have ever seen. If you know me well, then you sure as hell know that I love a girl with short hair, hence Sarah being my favorite (and the sexiest) of the quintet. I would recommend Girls Aloud to anyone and everyone. Thanks to my “Recommended Artists” section on my profile, I took a quick look at their bio and thought “Eh… another reality show pop group? No thanks.” But after saying that I thought to myself that I should atleast give them a chance, I looked them up on myspace (a mighty fancy one, I must say). Their current single “Untouchable” played and I fell in a trance of awesomeness. I mean, I listen to a lot of different genres of music, electropop being my favorite, and I never jumped quickly onto a bandwagon faster than the Girls Aloud one. I probably will be listening to them for the next few months, probably wearing them out, but it’s totally worth it. Their songs are so catchy!

Unforuntately, all of their videos on YouTube are disabled. So, it makes me sad that I can’t leave you all with a video. However, I will leave a link of my favorite song:

Also, they never tour the U.S nor are they even played on the radio. Which I think is a good thing so I can keep them for myself.


La Roux

May 31, 2009


Everybody, La Roux. La Roux, this is…everbody!

I must say, searching through the music of the charts of the United Kingdom was probably one of the best things I have ever done. Great finds, some not so great. But the people of the UK do know good electro-pop, and La Roux is a great example of how good of music comes from across the sea. She was recently here in Los Angeles, but the show was scheduled on Easter Sunday, so there was no chance I would be able to go to that. Hopefully she will be back soon. Although I would love to see Girls Aloud first, but the chances of them coming to America are really low.

Her debut album has yet to be released, but I sure hope it will be streaming and scrobbled onto my profile really soon. Until then I’ll leave you with her current single, “Bulletproof”.

p.s. Don’t you just love her Bowie-esque hair?


new & beautiful things

May 31, 2009

A lot of new things have come to my attention in the past few months. New music, new people, and new works of art.


ladyhawke1 This, my friends, is Ladyhawke. One of the MANY artists I have discovered in the last few  months. She is a genius when it comes to melodies, choruses and synth-work. I highly  recommend that you check out her myspace [] to listen to her  tracks. Her album is so incredible. A lot of catchy songs the self-titled album, “Back of the Van”  and “Another Runaway” being my favorite. There’s also a hint of the Buggles’ “Video Killed the  Radio Star” in the ” latter.

girls_aloud Ladies and gentleman, I present to you Girls Aloud. I have no idea why I have never heard of them  before. Let me tell you, if you like great dance beats, amazing voices, and cute girls, this group of girls  are for you. They may be #15 on my chart lists, but trust me when I say that they will be  moving up that chart as quickly as…. well, really quickly.  I recommend “Girl Overboard” from their  album “Tangled Up” (yes, i own all of their albums now), or you can just check out their myspace  [] and add all their tracks to your myspace playlist. You know you want to!  I just checked and now they’re #5 on my top artists list (told you!).

bjork5kt0 Have you ever listened to an artist and then just completely forgot about them, then suddenly  realised that you’re in love with them after a certain amount of time? Confusing or not, that’s  what happened to me with Björk. An ex-friend introduced me to her a couple of years ago and  I didn’t really mind her as much, but am completely in love with her now. “Hyperballad” is  such a great song musically and instrumentally. It gives me chills when I listen, and that really  doesn’t happen to me often. So, i suggest you buy all her albums and fall in love with her like I have.


Kristen_Wiig-1 This is Kristen Wiig. She is currently on her fourth (?) season of Saturday Night Live and is one of my    favorite current cast members (past being Maya Rudolph). You may have seen her in this year’s  “Adventureland” and 2007’s “Knocked Up”, but to see her as her best role, I strongly suggest you go  to Hulu [] and search for “Kristen Wiig Penelope Therapy”.  Do it and let me know what you  think.


All of my current artwork is displayed on Flickr, which can be accessed on the widget on the right side of this page.



May 25, 2009










it has officially happened.

May 19, 2009

i have found a band i enjoy more than the cure or siouxsie. they are called s.c.u.m. and they are my new favorite band. they are the antithesis of current music and that’s why they’re so incredible. they’re sound is obviously influenced by 1980’s electro goth, along with others like ipso facto, ulterior, and factory floor, creating a new genre: new grave. although this new music scene is in london, i will follow as best as i can to stay with it. it is unbelievable.

again, i bring you s.c.u.m.


:tom scum : vocal, sampler :bradley baker: machines. :samuel kilcoyne : ivory :huw webb: bass, :melissa rigby : drums

they are from london, and from previous reading, their average age is merely seventeen years of age. their name is derived from the feminist manifesto of the would-be murderer of warhol, valerie solanas, s.c.u.m. (society for cutting up men). again, these guys are incredibly talented and i do hope that they come to america in the very near future.