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Remember This?

June 1, 2009

The 90’s. Remember that? Like most people, whenever I think of the 90’s I think of flannel shirts, Nirvana, and clothes that don’t match (kind of like a stereotypical lesbian, just kidding). Flipping through my channels a few days ago it occured to me that the Disney channel now rules kids’ television. Not to sound like a whiny grandfather, but in my day, Nickelodeon was the talk of the playgrounds. Fast forward to today, ┬áthis cheesy Hannah Montana and Jonas Brothers frenzy is simply rubbish. And also it seems today that Nickelodeon has sunk to a new low by imitating this nonsense with shows like iCarly and Naked Brothers Band (seriously, Nickelodeon? Seems perfect for a pedophile). But I understand that times change, and I know I have, so unfortunately these ridiculous shows are here to stay. Now, on to a retrospect of the shows that made up my childhood, and maybe yours as well.


Who didn’t watch the Rugrats? I know I did. One of my favorite childhood shows. I always felt sorry for Chuckie though. He was always clumsy and well, he was the nerd of the bunch. I’m pretty sure everybody remembers Angelica, the bitch of the gang, always carrying around her little Cynthia doll (which now reminds me of a blond Amy Winehouse). I remember her reminding me of my big sister and how she was exactly like her. Tommy, the leader and the brave one was my favorite. I remember his passive mother always putting him back into that damn fence after the countless times he would escape from his toy screwdriver. Come on woman, grow some brains. As for Phil and Lil, well they were definitely odd. They were actually just gross. Always eating worms and such, and I always though that their mother was a butch lesbian (I also thought that Chuckie’s father was gay). Oh, the memories.


It’s Doug everybody! And of course his loyal dog Porkchop. I remember me and my big sister would simultaneously bark with Porkchop at the end of the introduction. But she would always insist that I do it, but would end up doing it before me just to push my buttons. Oh wasn’t my childhood swell? Anyways, he had a friend named Skeeter (they would not be able to get away with a name like that today thanks to Lil’ Jon), a bully named Roger, and we can’t forget his love-interest Patty Mayonnaise. This brings back memories!

Nickelodeon’s GUTS

I always wanted to be on GUTS. Although in my later childhood I was a little larger than most, around this time I was a little puny young lad. I remember wondering how you could try out for such a great event as this, but never actually going through to do so. It was basically like the Olympics, but for kids. There were even kids from different countries. It sounded so cool. I was probably too young of age to compete in this game show, but it still was fun to watch.

What made me think of blogging on such a topic was the discovery of a website that have these retro television shows’ theme song lyrics, clips, and even intros. I strongly recommend that you visit this site [], even if you are not a child of the 90’s because I can assure you that it’s worth it. Me and my friend were recently browsing and reminiscing of what used to be good television.

Anybody have a time machine I could borrow?